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Universal Media Consultants From the start, Universal Media Consultants was created to be a different kind of marketing company. It's not about flashy campaigns or fancy advertising. Let someone else do that. At UMC we focus on Market Magnification. Meaning, we magnify the reach of our clients current or new marketing.

Maybe we start with a:

   >  Specialized and targeted press release.
   >  Expansion of your message via social media marketing, or putting together a simple but effective lead generator and capture system.

The end result is that UMC will Magnify your Marketing and provide you 10,000s of new eyes looking at your business, services, and events. That's our specialty and why our clients use us even when they have other traditional marketing companies representing them. It's all about the sweet "Magnification" that creates "Reach and Results."

EarlyShares is an equity-based crowdfund investing portal which provides early-stage companies and investors with a secure, easy-to-use, platform for raising and investing capital.

The company easily connects investors and entrepreneurs — securely and effectively — through a regulatory compliant platform. Individuals are able to invest, just like venture capital, for as little as $100. Entrepreneurs can access funding for a new company or to expand their existing business.

EarlyShares will review all company applications with the same criteria a venture capital firm or angel investor does. In general, EarlyShares looks for companies that can provide their crowdfunding investors a good return on investment within three years of the funding date — preferably by means of an acquisition.

EarlyShares is Navocate's official crowdfunding platform for all customers and clients.

CrowdCheck due diligence and disclosure services 

CrowdCheck provides due diligence and disclosure services to help provide investors with the information they need to make an informed decision and avoid fraud.  Our trained researchers work with companies and relevant third parties to help them create robust transparency, allowing potential investors deep insight into the company and its dealings.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Financial Advisors

Douglas K. Reller - (813) 227-2121


Michael A. Wills - (813) 227-2089


100 North Tampa Street, Suite 3000.  Tampa, FL 33602

Funding Roadmap logo 

Funding Roadmap™ is an electronic business plan and due diligence reporting system that creates a new industry standard in cloud-based business services. It streamlines the deal closing process by providing partners, lenders, and investors with centralized access to transaction documents through the Dealflow Market Place. As we take our product to the next level we will revolutionize how those involved in preparing and reviewing entrepreneurial-level financing and loan proposals search, screen, store, and share this information to speed the transaction, improve communications, and increase reliability.

Funding Roadmap is Navocate's official business planning resource.

Navocate customers receive a 10% discount on Funding Roadmap services. Contact us for more information.