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Business Sales & Acquisitions for Entrepreneurial Companies

Navocate provides Business Sales and Acquisitions services for Emerging Companies. Specifically, Navocate focuses on the market segment above business brokers, and below investment banks.

Emerging Companies represent an underserved segment of the M&A market. Why? Because most business brokers only work with Main Street businesses (with revenues less than $1M), while most investment banks focus on larger Middle Market enterprises. Consequently, there are fewer experienced intermediaries serving this segment.

Navocate's Market Focus: Entrepreneurial Emerging Companies

Business intermediary market segmentation

Sell, Buy, or Build?

Navocate has a proven track record of completing successful transactions depending on whether you want to ...


Perhaps you're a business owner who wants or needs to exit because of a lifestyle change, health issue, divorce, or change in partnership structure. Our sell-side services will help you maximize proceeds as quickly as possible, while maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Navocate applies project management techniques to planning and executing the sale of your business, employing advanced digital and Internet market to maximize your exposure to qualified prospects.

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Looking to acquire a business? Navocate will search for businesses currently for sale. Or, if you're looking for something more specific, we'll develop a highly targeted, customized search plan for businesses that are not currently on the market.

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Emerging Companies often need assistance to grow their businesses. Navocate can connect you to strategic investors and Private Equity Groups that can provide a capital infusion and bring financial management expertise to help grow your company as a strategic partners.

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Most people who visit our site are looking for information to answer many questions. To assist, we have designed our site as a repository of free information about business sales and acquisitions. Review our Information Library, where we are constantly uploading information about the industry, financing, the economy, and more.

Personal Services / Professional Results

Working with Navocate (Navigation + Advocate) you'll receive professional, reliable leadership to help you reach your goals--during a time that can be very confusing, when decisions can be not only difficult, but life-changing (and not always for the better). Buying or Selling a business — or bringing in strategic partners — is a serious commitment. Make sure you're working with advisors you trust.

Whether you are selling or acquiring a business, or seeking a strategic investor or sale, Navocate is committed to delivering results with the highest quality of professional services to our customers and clients. In fact, we're one of the only business intermediaries that define our ethics in writing.